Ramp Up Your Walking Regime

Joggers Running on Trail

Have you found yourself spending a bit too much time on the couch lately? While it’s an easy rut to fall into, it’s also an easy rut to work your way out of. The side effects of prolonged couch time include lethargy, high blood pressure, weight gain, muscle atrophy and many others.  Decide to take back your life and ramp up your energy levels so you will not only have the motivation to be engage in life instead of watching it, but you’ll also have the energy. The side effects of a healthy walking regime include increased motivation, lower blood pressure, weight loss and cardiovascular health. The best time to get started is today. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and invest in a pair of quality athletic shoes from Merrell. Your feet will thank you.

Make a commitment to walk 20 minutes each day for one week. At the end of the first week, commit to walking 20 minutes each day for another week. By the end of the third week, you will have developed a habit and will also begin to feel the results. The initial goal is not speed or distance, but consistency and duration.  Extreme exercise regimes and life altering diets simply don’t work. They compound frustration and send you back on the couch with your bag of chips in no time. For any routine to be sustainable, it must be a realistic fit with your lifestyle and embarked upon gradually.

During your second week of walking, every five minutes, ramp up your pace for two minutes. An activity tracker can help you with this.  This will increase your heartrate and elevate your metabolism. Inject these two minute mini spurts into your walk each day. For variety, enlist a friend, canine or otherwise to join you, grab your favorite tunes or audible book. Drive to a new neighborhood or park to spice up your routine. If you’re not comfortable in a gym and the weather isn’t cooperating, head to a big box store or a mall and do laps around the perimeter. The staff will realize what you’re doing and no doubt encourage you. Best of luck on your new walking regime – you’re sure to see and feel the results in a few short weeks. Keep it up!

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