Packaging machines are machines that complete stages of the packaging process. Theyinclude: filling machines,sealing machines, wrapping machines,strapping machines labeling machines and coding machines.

 Filling machine:

they include machines that manufacture liquids like carbonated drinks,water, fruit juice,beer,milk,cosmetics and many more to suit customer’spreference.

 Sealing,wrapping and strapping machines:

the machines are designed to quickly and securely strap single cartons or multiple items ready for shipping. They help save time and manpower while sealing requires single operator, the box sealing machine can seal up to 30 cartons per minute top and bottom. It is easily adjustable to adopt a range of case sizes

Labeling machine:

are used on every kind of product brand, decorate or provide information for the consumer. They contain pre –printed bar codes, batch, stock and price information to the retailer and consumer. They also provide protection against tampering to ensure the product reaches its target consumer.


a date printer/coding machine is used to print a batch number, manufacturing, date, expiry date retail price or any other information that the manufacturer chooses. They range in sizes and functions and can print a wide range of materials and surfaces for small and large production lines.The coding machines include, continuous inkjet printer,Touch dry hot melt printers,thermo transfer over printers, laser coders, drop on demand valve jet coders,print and apply labelers and Packing machines include: See more this:

other machines.

vertical packing machine horizontal flow packing machine, multihued weighing machine,piston filling machine,shrink labeling machine,linear filling machine and many more. The machines used are of high speed thus ensuring massive production, save on cost and manpower too.

system packaging is a number of integratedcircuits enclosed in a single module (package).It performs all the functions of an electronic system, and is typically use in a mobile phone which contains integrated circuits may be stacked vertically on a substrate.sip technology is primarily being driven by market trends in wearable, and mobile devices.sip solution may requgire multiple packaging technologies, such as flip chip, wirebonding, wafer-level packaging, and many more.

Automated packaging systems

Automated packaging systems manufactures bag packaging and a variety of top quality packaging materials including Auto bags, bags on a roll, slide pouch andAuto sleeve system and products. It helps one get a total packaging solution. Some of the systems include:E-cube which reduces void in the systemand automatically creates right sized packaging for a wide range of companies. Flow rap- is a high speed system for customized and ready to ship packaging. I-pack- is designed for fulfillment operations where the goal is to minimize costs: shipping, consumable and operating while optimizingproductivity.priority pak-it encapsulates products in a ready to ship protective packaging. Stealth wrap-is an ultra-durable cartooning solution that replaces traditional corrugated outer cartons with 99.9% opaque shipper and many more.

Packaging system in a company is the most important part because its mainly used to give information about the product and so helps in marketing of the product too. See  more this site: