Certified Coating Specialists

 Celebrating 20 years of Safety, Quality and Innovation!

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Certified Coating Specialists Inc is a BC based industrial painting and hazardous abatement contractor serving customers from British Columbia to Nova Scotia.

Our Vision

“Be the best at what we do”

Our Mission
We will be disciplined, accountable and relentless in the effective execution of every responsibility we accept.

When seeking a contractor to assist you in corrosion management, asset rehabilitation, lead abatement, industrial and marine painting then Certified Coating Specialists is a company you will want to consider.

“I was impressed with their knowledge and expertise in painting and the equipment they used to carry out the work efficiently.”
John Cripps, P. Eng. Spectra Energy

Certified Coating Specialists Inc. is certified by the Society of Protective Coatings the non-profit guiding body of the industrial and marine coatings industry for North America. The certification demands independent audits to ensure constant adherence to industry health & safety, environment and quality control standards.

When seeking a contractor with a strong commitment and track record in safety then look to Certified, a company with over 650,000 man hours worked with NO reportable lost time accidents. This has been accomplished by effective hazard assessments, daily safety meetings, a comprehensive safe work program and a true belief of every Certified employee, “That there is no dollar bill worth a man’s health”.

Certified is COR Certified in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and is a registered contractor member on ISNetworld, PICS, CanQual and ComplyWorks. Certification and registration require that Certified undergo independent audits from each to ensure ongoing compliance in deployment of industry safety and environmental stewardship requirements.

“CCS commitment to safety is excellent and they have worked diligently to ensure a safe work site for themselves and others on the site.”
— David Tolman – Project Manager – BC Ferries

Certified Coating Specialists Inc. has been in business since 1994, with annual revenue >$16 million and a full time staff of 40 and access to over three hundred tradesmen. Certified is well known for investing heavily in personnel training and the latest trade technologies.

When you need a contractor you can rely on, to understand your needs, to get the work done with a minimum of stress, and a commitment to exceeding your expectations, call on Certified Coating Specialists Inc.

“They have adhered to all appropriate safety standards whether 100 feet up on a swing stage or crawling into confined spaces. Their combination of experience and innovative thinking quickly resolved any problematic or challenging situations.”
Greg Dixon, P. Eng. Project Manager – Peter Kiewit & Sons

“CCS is a company, a community of diverse people, committed to empowering all team members to work together towards a vision founded on Exceeding Customer Expectations”.
Byran Place, BComm., BSC.
PRESIDENT, Certified Coating Specialists Inc.


Market sectors

  • Power Generation and Transmission – penstocks, gates, generator rebuilds, power house repaints, transformers, transmission towers
  • Marine – ferries, ships, ports, docks, ramps, pilings, aquaculture
  • Industrial – structures, equipment, floors
  • Oil & Gas – Tank refurbishing, compressor stations, nitrogen systems, pipe lines
  • Pulp & Paper – Forestry fiber lines, chlorine plant floor, structural steel, caustic acid area repaints, trestles, conveyance equipment, non-clip flooring applications, co-generation projects
  • Waste Water – digesters, fomenters, rake systems, mechanical systems, concrete tanks